Friday, 15 July 2011

Rock the one-shoulder cocktail dress this season

If you have never worn a top or dress with a single shoulder, now is the perfect time as the trend has become hotter than ever. Women who are looking for a different yet dramatic look can never go wrong with a single shoulder. The main highlight of the one shoulder cocktail dresses is that it provides a coquettish glimpse of skin at the same time cover up enough to keep you comfortable. The dress elegantly combines edgy, sexy and sophisticated features of the women wearing it.

Keep in mind the following tips to make the trend gorgeous on you.

The golden rule of thumb while selecting the right color of single shoulder dress is that you need to go for a solid colored one if you are feeling nervous about the style. So be it a trendy magenta or classic black, go for a solid color. However there are options to add more punch to the cocktail dress by adding beading or ruffles and you can ensure that chic accent. But never be afraid to go basic at the first place. Sneak a peek at the celebrities dress trend and you would find that they have been rocking the one shoulder dress with hot belts. So take the cue from the chic's and put a belt over your dress and keep the style far from frumpy.

It is always better to keep the rest of the accessories very simple for getting the best out of the attire. All you need would be a fabulous pair of shoes and a great bag. If you wish to wear jewelry, you can try a cocktail ring or glitzy earrings. Avoid a necklace at any cost as it would compete with the neckline. You must know that one shoulder dress is made to be seen and thus should not make any effort to cover it up. You can boldly show off your shoulders as they are universally attractive. But if you need to keep warm, go for an open blazer or cardigan so that the cute straps can still be seen.

A perfect pair for the single shoulder cocktail dress would be made by mix and match. Your slouchy top can be paired with tight pants or pencil skirt and you will get a bohemian chic look. If the top is tight, go for a baggy bottom. This mix and match pairing would give you a fresh and sophisticated look. What essentially you need to make sure is that the dress is getting perfect fit and you pick a strapless bra so that the bra strap won't clutter the gracious shoulder.

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