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My Online Business Empire Review – Another Obvious Scam?

Name: My Online Business Education (MOBE)
Website url:
Price: $49 + 19.95/mth + upsells (up to $29,997)
Business Location: Malaysia
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Recommend For: People With Substantial Budget
MOBE, How to Determine if It’s For You

Is My Online Business Education (also referred to as MOBE)  a legitimate opportunity or another run of the mill Internet scheme? I am going to help you come to the conclusion within this review by offering you the facts and walking you through the various aspects of the program.
You may have seen information online where this program is referred to My Top Tier Business or My Online Business Empire (along with a couple of domain name changes).  This is because these were the former names prior to it’s name today. They are all connected.
Within this review, I am going be explaining exactly why many folks share a negative opinion on this program. I am going to explore exactly what this system involves and what Matt Lloyd and the team over at MOBE are offering to their members and how they are building a business by offering products that cost $10,000’s.
At the end of the day, it is you that works very hard for your money so before you invest it into any program online, you should truly understand how something works and how much outlay of money is involved.
The Pros vs. Cons of My Online Business Empire

  • Some good training (lots of it directed at promoting MOBE)
  • High commissions (if money is your only focus, not value)
  • Too many unnecessary “upsells”and “downsells” within the system
  • Poor customer support and a low level “community”
  • Feels like you are buying products just so you can sell them
  • Products are VERY expensive
  • The system is built off of big name gurus with big lists
  • Very difficult to get a refund (they make it tough)
  • There is little focus on creating a “niche” business
What Exactly Do You Do As a Member of My Online Business Education?

Good question.
When you join a program like this, you are anticipating like the name indicates, that you are going to be building an online business with MOBE.  But what does that entail?
To be completely honest, not what you may be expecting in particular if you have been sold on the idea of the $49 top tier business 21 step program .  This MOBE scheme, like many of the MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) programs is focused on you buying into the program itself so that you have the “right” to promote the very same product to others.  There is no obligation to do so, but if you want to earn more commissions, the quickest way to do so is to upgrade your membership to one of their memberships.
These include the following tiers:
Standard Affiliate: $19.95 per month
MLR: $2,497 one time + $99 per month (inner circle)
Titanium: $9,997 + $199 per month (inner circle)
Platinum: $16,667 + $299 per month (inner circle)
Diamond: $29,997 + $299 per month (inner circle)
The typical form of payment within the program is done through bank wire as there are 3% additional processing fees tacked on if you want to user your credit card to purchase.
Although it is stated that you can build a business within any niche you like (and you probably could), the very essence of the program and the commission structure sets you up in a way where you are more than likely going to end up promoting MOBE.  Whether it is as a Standard $19.95 per month affiliate or through the MOBE Marketplace or selling people on the upper tiers of the program which range from $2,497 to $29,997 in price.
Is a $49 Product What You Are Being Sold On?

Many folks have voiced their complaints in respect to the fact that affiliates of this program are encouraging them to join for $49 only to realize that there are more costs associated with the program if you want to promote the higher ticket programs.
Level 7 of the 21 step training will indicate this in more detail if you do decide to buy the program, but as you BUY INTO the higher membership tiers (up to $29,997 for the Diamond package)…you will be able to promote these. You will then be taught a variety of marketing methods, many of which are geared towards how to sell other people into the My Online Business Education (formerly known as Empire) system.
All of the successful folks within this program (and I wouldn’t doubt some of them are great marketers), are making money through selling MOBE.  You don’t find many people sharingtheir wild success in the dieting niche…or within the hair loss niche, every single success story within this program that has been arrived upon in my research has been those selling MOBE to others.
Why?  Because naturally if you spend money on one of the upper tier mobe memberships (MLR, Titanium, Platinum, Diamond) you are doing so in order to earn higher commissions, thus you are investing in the system so you can promote MOBE as your main product to others.
The initial $49 price point is very deceiving to some..    You have bought into the program but it is just brushing the surface in respect to the overall costs.
The My Online Business Education Membership Upsells. Ready for the REAL Price?  

Like most of the multi-level-marketing programs  in the opportunity industry, MOBE’s product hierarchy and compensation plan can be quite confusing.
Here is a full list of the products and an explanation of them.  I know these are not promoted heavily at the outset of the program because if they were, it might scare those folks off that don’t have the money to invest.
$19.95/mth Standard Affiliate Program Fee – This fee applies if you want to market most of the products located within the MOBE Marketplace.  You earn anywhere from 10%-50% commissions. It is unusual for an affiliate program to charge you to sell their products.  Most affiliate programs are free.  Charging people to promote your products is something that is much more commonplace within the MLM world.
$49 My Top Tier Business – This is the most common entrance points you will hear folks chatting about online (and that you will be “offered”).  This is a 21 step program that includes a variety of training and a “free live coach”.  What happens when you join through this entrance point, it indicates that you have “money” and upon you being a customer, your live coach will be in touch with you in the early stages of the training to determine how much purchasing power (how much they can sell you) within the program.
This is usually the point where someone is earning affiliate commissions off of your purchases and if you upgrade to any of the higher tiers, your sponsor is going to reap commissions as a result (along with the company, in a split commission)
$2,497 MOBE License Rights (Full Program) -If you are interested in joining the MOBE partnership you are going to be asked to pay the lofty sum of $2,497.  This is a full license to My Online Business Education, which essentially gives you the rights to promote this same stuff to others.  This does include some training:
  • MOBE Licensee Kit
  • My Online Business Empire (8 hours)
  • Funded Proposal (17 hours of training)
  • Affiliate Bonus (11 hours of training)
  • OPT formula (14 hours of training)
  • Amongst a few other modules (always being updated/added to)
If you are interested in earning higher commissions by promoting the My Online Business Education program to other people, you will need to pay for the license rights.   Here are just some of the products that you will earn a 90% commission rate with if you purchase MLR Rights:
  • $99 per month – The Vault
  • $97 per month – MOBE Elite Earners
  • $194 – Email Marketing Empire
  • $194 – The OPT Formula (Outsourcing Formula)
  • $291 – Affiliate Bonus Domination
  • $194 – Funded Proposal
  • $9.95 – IM Revolution Handbook
  • $297 – MOBE Licensing Kit
  • $297 – Traffic Masters Academy
  • $39.95 – Instant Info Product
And that is not it…there are PLENTY more products in this program.  These are the MOBE products you will earn 50% commissions with:
  • $1997 – 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
  • $997 – Online Income Revolution
  • $997 – The 90 Day Challenge
  • $997 – Six Figure Coaching Secrets
  • $997 – Add the Nitrous
And then there are “services” that you will be able to earn.  These range from $97 for “Done for You Emails” to “$19,997” for 3 days at the MOBE Studio.
Within the MOBE program, there are currently 7 different products that you can earn 90% commissions on (if you at minimum the MLR program which is $2,497) and several higher ticket products that you earn 50% .   You can also earn 50% commissions selling MLR to others, total of $1,250.
**There is one loophole in which you can become part of the next tier without paying.  If you generate 5 “commissionless” sales at a particular tier directly above you.  If you wanted to become MLR for example, you would have to forgo five $1,250 commissions (totalling $$6,250).  Otherwise you are required to pay for the tier above you in order to be able to earn commissions within that tier.
Then there are 3 Upper Tiers:
Titanium: $9,997
Platinum: $16,667
Diamond: $29,997
These offer you what the MLR tier offers you plus the ability to earn commissions within the respective tier you upgrade to.  If you want to earn commissions on Diamond upgrades, then you will need to be a Diamond member.
When all is said and done,  if you were to purchase all of these products you would have to spend $29,997 + $299 per month for the privilege to promote the highest tier membership (and associate products) to others.
Or you could put a down payment on a house for this same amount.
You are also expected to travel to and attend conferences and meet-ups, which can easily lead to $1,000’s more of expenditures.
Not exactly what most folks bargained for when they joined the $49, 21 step program.
This is a very common marketing approach.  Target people with a low price/entry point on the front end making you believe you get everything you need, when in reality there is the not-so-subtle expectation that you will be investing much MUCH more once you get inside and you are put through their highly refined sales process.
If you don’t have decent sized budget and you don’t feel like selling the same high ticket products/services to other folks, then this may not be the program for you.  If you want to pay lots of money for the privilege of making high commissions  then this program may be for you.
Can You Get Support From Matt?  How Responsive is Their Support Team?

Instead of speculating (which I am not a fan of), I will give you the straight proof directly from the founder himself.
See the founder of My Online Business Education response to to complaints about poor support within their system.
Matt Lloyd Said It Best on
I suppose this sort of honesty can definitely be respected these days, but on the same token, if you join something you expect a high level of support, in particular when you are spending $1,000’s of your hard earned money.  They have increased their support team in the past few years and now offer more dedicated support than they did, so things have improved.
One thing that you might find a little confusing though is where the community is located.
Instead of MOBE having a community of help within their actual back office where you can get help from your sponsors/members, you will find everyone hanging out on Facebook within their group or offering support through Facebook PM’s (assuming you have upgraded to a higher level, aka playing nice).
If you want to pay more for their dedicated support, then you can do so.   But if you are a $49, 21 step program customer you are not going to get the personalized support you need as your free coach will give you more of a “meet and greet” experience showing your options within the program.
Here is an example screenshot of the Facebook group that is run by MOBE:
A Group on is FREE to create. Where’s the value?
When you invest a considerable amount of money, you should expect to get unbelievable, high quality and expert support.  Just make sure that you always ask and query a company before paying them money what type of support they are going to be offering you, how it will be delivered and are the people giving it qualified to give it (have the been in the trenches).
This is where you might be able to find Matt Lloyd on occasion if you ever do need help and there is also going to be help and interactive elements if you do spend the money to upgrade and travel to the live events.
Deep Pockets, Requires Even DEEPER Ones to Recoup Your Costs

At the end of the day, MOBE is a program you buy into, giving you the rights to promote the program to others.  The more products you buy and the more you spend, the more you can promote.
Whether you believe this is the type of organization you want to get involved with is up to you.  Chances are you have come to this page because someone is promoting MOBE to you.  The reason they are promoting MOBE to you in the first place is because they get commissions (typically 50-90%) if you end up joining this program, rather than actually selling you training, they might be selling you into the “idea” of success.
Your goal once you get involved in the program is likely going to be to sell the system to others and push them towards the higher ticket upsells so you earn more commissions, or you will be able to sacrifice a % of your commissions and have the MOBE sales team get people to buy more stuff (which might make life easier).
You refer people to this system (often times your friends/family/social network) and the engine behind MOBE will take care of the upsells.  People buy in for $49 and will realize they are going to have spend more though very quickly.  These pricing upgrades are going to range from $2,497 to $29,997 for the Business Affiliate Membership Fees (with the exclusion of the $19.95 Standard Affiliate Program).
Are There More Cost Efficient Ways to Start a Business?

At the end of the day you are in control of your online/offline purchases, but if you are looking to invest into a business all websites should be completely transparent with you about the very “low” cost to entry to start a business online.
First, you can get started for free.  There is great deal of information and platforms out there that can help get started online which are completely free…and this includes everything from your websites, your hosting, your training, your mentorship, etc.
Second, to buy the services required to run a business online is very low…even if you are going to be purchasing quality, industry reputable services.
To give you a breakdown on the “high” end of what it should cost to start a business online, here is some info:
  • Hosting: $25-50 for quality hosting (WP Engine,
  • Email Autoresponder: $20 per month (
  • Domain: $15 per year (
  • Website Builder: FREE (,
  • A Passion/Interest: FREE (you decide!)
So for $45-70 per month, you can be operating a successful business in ANY niche you want.  You can be building your own brand, you can be building a successful business, and you can be utilizing the TOP services in the industry for under $70 per month.  Everything included.
This is a big difference from $29,997 membership cost + $299 per month in the Diamond tier of MOBE.
If you have someone promoting the $49 program, there is nothing wrong with inquiring about the other potentials costs of the program/business.  The program is MUCH MORE involved than just the 21 step program (which is the most common entrance point being promoted to folks).
Want to Take a Passion and Create a Business? See How it Works!
My Final Product Overview for MOBE

Name: My Online Business Education (MOBE)
Website url:
Price: $49 + 19.95/mth + upsells ($2,497, $9,997, $16,667, & $29,997)
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Overall Rank: Doesn’t Meet Criteria
VERDICT: VERY EXPENSIVE, aggressive marketing, expensive, limited support unless you have lots of money to spend.
If you have any questions or comments or you would like to offer your own personal review or feedback of MOBE (formerly My Online Business Empire, now My Online Business Education), please share your thoughts within the comment form at the very bottom of this page.


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