Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Elegant party dresses for the stylish woman

Being a woman is a great asset particularly when it comes to wearing different kinds of elegant party dresses. You can select party dresses to enhance your style and deportment and flatter your body shape to grab the attention of all the guests present.

For elegant party wear, women have a plethora of options to choose involving colors, styles, fabrics, designs, and cuts. One can opt for lighter shades with simple line designs for the afternoon parties, bright colors with flower designs for evening parties and dark shades with provocative designs for late night parties.

The modern day craze for setting trends have driven women to choose not only elegant but also bold party dresses. Nowadays party dresses for women are available in off shoulder, plunging necklines, backless with or without straps, short skirts, miniskirts – most of them at affordable prices. Some women wear deliberately flirtatious party dresses to convey the love message to a guy they are keen to befriend and date – without of course sacrificing elegance.

Maintaining an elegant dress code is essential even in late night parties. Of course, you should look attractive, seductive and sensual but without being too revealing or obscene. You have a responsibility to maintain the social decorum. It may not be wholly immoral to wear short dresses to ensure free body movement, particularly if you are also expected to dance at the party. In case you are touchy or shy in exposing your legs, then you should opt for tight crops or pants and pair it up with a low cut or off shoulder top.

If you are keen to appear glamorous, look for lingerie inspired dresses to give you the seductive look. There is a variety of rich fabrics used for this type of evening dress. The stitching has to be perfect so as to highlight your body curves and enhances your physique.

A well-tailored dress should seemingly add to your height and narrow your waistline and make your bust and bottom prominent - giving you the immaculate hour glass figure. You can also opt for a pair of tight fitting jeans or with a hip hugging skirt and rest assured you will become the cynosure of all eyes with your alluring and sexy figure.

If you want to appear more romantic and less sexy, opt for pleats and flowing gowns. This particular style is pronouncedly feminine. But make sure that the fabric is made of chiffon, satin or tulle to give you added charm and the color blends with your skin tone. Go for light colors for a day engagement and dark color for evening parties.

Cocktail dresses are ideal for cocktail parties, dinner at upscale restaurants and social meets with friends for enjoying night life. If you have budget constrictions, then stick to formal cocktail dresses that have clean lines and attractive silhouettes.

What is of great importance is the quality of material, the perfect fit, and aesthetic design to make you conspicuous at the party. There are numerous appealing designer t-shirts, shirts, jeans, polo's, hats, and belts and other accessories available in the market that reflect contemporary fashion and prevailing trends.

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