Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Evening gowns - make the appropriate choice

It is a well known fact that though the trends in women's garments keeps constantly changing, the evening gown never goes out of fashion. Evening gowns are the perfect dress for any social gathering and many women are at their best when wearing an evening gown.

Evening gowns are favored by ladies as they are comfortable to wear and the slit in the evening gown enables one to move around freely and even dance, if need be. In fact, the slit has today become a style statement and it endows the gown with a classic touch.

Before you select the evening gown, find out the nature of the event to which you are going. Colours are always important for evening gowns and then there are various patterns and styles in shades of black or black contrasted with other colours like blue and grey.

However in recent times, fabulous looking evening gowns are available in a variety of new colours. Ladies are opting for bold red, golden yellow and olive green. In fact, frilling with contrasting colours adds extra glamour to a plain gown. Edges are piped, frilled or embroidered with another colour to make the gown look radiant and draw the attention of the guests around.

Evening gowns should normally gently sweep the floor with a faint trail following it. However, if you want to look different, then you must opt for gowns ending above the ankle. Strictly speaking, the gown length is one of personal preference and you can even choose short gowns to reveal a part of your elegant legs.

Of course, the prices of evening gowns widely vary and much depends on the fabric used, the intricacy of pattern and the overall design. You can buy some extraordinary looking evening gowns from a retail shop, a mall or ask designer to stitch for you to your taste. Be careful in choosing the style of the gown as attempting to wear a style that does not suit your body shape will make you look odd.

The gown size is very important and do not try to squeeze yourself into a size that is too small or wear a gown that is too baggy for you. Select the evening gown that compliments your physical figure shape and highlights your strengths. For instance, if you are bulky around the hips select gowns that drape around you and if you are top heavy, choose a gown that is somewhat loose.

If you are blessed with a slim and sleek figure wearing a gown that highlights the bust and hips and bottom will make you appear curvaceous. If you want to show off your slim figure without trying to look over sexy, it is preferable to choose a gown with a belt or wrap surrounding the waist. If you are over fond of showing a lot of skin, opt for a backless evening gown of short length and choose a plunging neckline to display some cleavage.

Whenever the occasion demands miss not the opportunity to wear an attractive evening gown - remember evening gowns will enhance your overall appearance. Most ladies are overly eager to conceal their defective body features whereas you should more concentrate on highlighting your strengths. In a sense, you will look lot more elegant, feminine, romantic, and sexy with an appropriate evening gown.

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